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  • About

    I am running for the Monticello School Board because I believe there needs to be a multi-faceted approach to achieve a strong education to ensure success for both the students and the community. This extends from the clarity and direction of the curriculum, all the way to how our tax dollars are spent on everyday functions. Too often the voice of the parents is left out in regards to their children's education, and the community is only made aware of budgetary shortcomings after the money is spent, leading to referendums with little or no structure other than vague threats of the school in peril. Our school employees are often caught in the middle as well, when their only desire is to teach and help our students achieve greatness. I also believe we need to utilize our teachers' talents to their fullest potential.

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    A Visionary for what students can achieve

    ​Future Potential

    A father of 3 who knows the doors that can be opened with a strong education. It starts with a solid foundation of school policy and leadership, which will allow the growth and development of our students, both during their time at school and beyond in their career and life paths.

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    Help me help you

    ​Giving Back

    As an Engineering Manager, I strive to help others achieve their goals through guidance, knowledge and growth. Every situation in life is an opportunity to work with others to achieve success. I have also been involved the past few years with coaching Monticello youth baseball and volunteered this year for the summer soccer league

  • Positions

    We only have one chance to set up kids for success - let it not go to waste

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    Fiscal Responsibilities and Clarity


    Too often public committee and board decisions are made for short term gains to check a box, while the the community is left holding the bag. Budgets need to be readily available for the public to access and understand where their money is going both short and long term. A key focus for me is providing clarity on where your money is directed

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    Access to Curriculum


    Parents are passionate about the education their children receive, but there is often not a clear path to raise concerns in a receptive manner. I will introduce a policy that all curriculum is available and transparent, including access to course material. This will also aide parents in deciding if there are any possible opt-out scenarios under MN Statue 120B.20

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    Increased Public Speaking Options


    Speaking at a public event on a specific date and time can be difficult due to scheduling conflicts and environment - I will introduce a policy that there will be weekly open public forums for school discussions to help foster ideas around education and community involvement. The more of the community that is involved with the school the better we will be at finding the best solutions.

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    Appropriate Level Education Topics

    Parental Controls

    Reproductive education must be both age appropriate and accurate from a biological standpoint - I am also against any position that proposes a child is pre-determined to succeed or fail based on their family genetics. This is a disservice to both the students and the community.

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    Setting Politics Aside


    Politics will always infect any position where outcomes can be manually directed by constraining inputs. We need to avoid these constraints and focus on the education of the students in all aspects of what is needed to achieve long term success of the students. Education is the end goal that allows success for all.

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    Debate and Resolution

    I am able to debate separate viewpoints and ideas without disrespecting other board members; while also being empathetic of their views and understanding of why they are leaning down a specific route or goal. At the end of the debate, votes are needed from those on the team that may not see the same vision, but are interested in aligning outcomes.

  • Education

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

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    B.S. Aerospace Engineering

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    Minor: Mathematics

  • Skills

    Developing and managing solutions through innovation and teamwork

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    Project Management

    Understanding what problems need to be solved and providing access to the proper tools for every level of success

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    Engineering Solutions

    A unique perspective on how to achieve the requirements within a given set of constraints on time and under budget

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    Team Building

    Knowing that a team of one never sees their faults - It requires commitment and communication to achieve success